A wholly unjustified appellation

Continuing from where I left, here is another incident that happened on the roads of Chennai..... 

There was a judge in the Madras high court by name Kunhi Raman Menon. He used to travel by his car, to the then Madras High Court, from his bungalow in Adyar.  One day, there was some rioting on the road and to disburse the crowd the police had to resort to shooting. Unfortunately one person died in the shooting. Therefore, there was a public enquiry about that incident. Eye witnesses were to be examined in that enquiry. Since, Kunhi Raman Menon’s car passed that way at the time of the shooting, he was also cited as a witness in the enquiry. When he was examined, he said that as he was passing in his car by that site, there was a lot of commotion and he heard sounds of police firing also, and in order to avoid any injury to himself he bent down to hide inside the car and he did not witness the actual shooting. His reaction of course was natural! 

Because of this incident, from that day he was renamed as "Kuninja" Raman Menon, from "Kunhi" Raman Menon!

(Kuninja in Tamil means "bent-down").


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